… I was perched outside in the pouring rain,
Trying to make myself a sail;
Then I’ll float to you, my darling,
With the evening on my tail.
Although not the most honest means of travel,
It gets me there nonetheless;
I’m a heartless man at worst, babe,
And a helpless one at best.campaign3
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I’m often false explaining,
But to her it plays out all the same,
And although I’m left defeated,
It gets held against my name.
I know you got plenty to offer, baby,
But I guess I’ve taken quite enough;
While I’m some stain there on your bed-sheet,
You’re my diamond in the rough.

Credits: Chloé ss2015
Thanks to: un’amica che mi ha sottolineato che quest’anno c’è solo Chloé 😉

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